10 gal adjustable aquarium divider

10 gal adjustable aquarium divider

$ 29.99

This aquarium divider is built to fit standard 10 gal aquariums (measure your aquarium to be sure it will fit). The divider measures 9.8" wide x 11" tall

We build these with our in-house laser CNC machine. This means perfect dimensions every time.

Easy assembly and installation. If you are having trouble installing/positioning the divider: simply put a small piece of toilet paper/paper towel under the suction cups to keep them from sticking until you have it where you want it. It is also easiest to install with the tank on it's side.

Perfect for separating young and aggressive fish.

8 suction cup design offers a simple and strong product. These dividers can hold over 20 lbs of force!

Perfectly polished edges; no sharp corners! 


Made 100% in the USA out of 1/4" cast acrylic.                                                                    

We can design custom dividers as well to any specs. Please contact us for a quote

In stock ready to ship. We will ship out of the USA, please contact us for shipping quote.