Refugium Kit For 48" X 13" X 21" 55 Gal. Protein Skimmer Sump Aquarium Filter

Refugium Kit For 48" X 13" X 21" 55 Gal. Protein Skimmer Sump Aquarium Filter

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This listing is for a Modular Marine refugium kit fitted for a 55 gallon aquarium (48" x 13" x 21"). *AQUARIUM NOT INCLUDED*

****IF YOU CAN NOT FIND THE KIT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SEND US A MESSAGE. WE HAVE REFUGIUM, WET/DRY, and BASIC SUMP KITS FOR THE FOLLOWING SIZES- 10 gal, 20 gal L, 20 gal H, 29 gal, 40 gal breeder, and more (also, we can make any size kit)!*****

- CNC machined
- skimmer section, refugium, bubble trap, return pump section.
- 13" water level
- black, light proof refugium baffles
- 1/4" cell cast acrylic
- dual 1" drains (bulkheads not included)
- dual 4" bags (bags not included)
- polished edges

See our other listings for bulkheads, micron bags, sponges, and silicone.

Kit includes 6 pieces:
1-Bulk head plate
1-Bag plate
1-Bag plate support
+  Detailed instructions

This kit is very easy to assemble; all that is needed is aquarium safe silicone ($10-15) and a 55 gal aquarium

This kit allows you to customize your baffle placement for maximum refugium volume.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to different aquarium manufacturers, not all 55 gal aquariums have the exact same INSIDE WIDTH (where the baffles are siliconed in). This kit is for 55 gal aquariums with an 11.875" INSIDE WIDTH. If your 55 gallon has a different inside width we can still make you this kit for no extra charge; just be sure to include a note stating the INSIDE WIDTH. Be sure to get the dimension to the closest 32nd of an inch. (The best way to measure is to cut a small wooden dow rod down until it fits just perfect between the glass, move the rod all around because one end may be narrower. Once the rod is the right length simply measure it to the closest 32nd)

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We can also make custom kits or baffles to any specifications.

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- Solid acrylic tanks
- Lids
- Overflow boxes
- Custom acrylic work

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